Shakespeare's plays,
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Total words in all plays: 835,997
Total plays: 37
Average per play: 22,595

Note: A "speech" consists of either words spoken by a character, or a stage direction —
anything from a one-word shout to a long soliloquy.






30,557       Hamlet      Tragedy
29,278       Richard III      History
27,589       Coriolanus      Tragedy
27,565       Cymbeline      Tragedy
26,450       Othello      Tragedy
26,145       King Lear      Tragedy
26,119       Henry V      History
26,089       Troilus and Cressida      Tragedy
25,689       Henry IV, Part II      History
25,439       Henry VI, Part II      History
24,914       Winter's Tale      Comedy
24,905       Antony and Cleopatra      Tragedy
24,629       Henry VIII      History
24,579       Henry IV, Part I      History
24,545       Romeo and Juliet      Tragedy
24,294       Henry VI, Part III      History
23,009       All's Well That Ends Well      Comedy
22,423       Richard II      History
21,845       Merry Wives of Windsor      Comedy
21,780       Measure for Measure      Comedy
21,690       As You Like It      Comedy
21,607       Henry VI, Part I      History
21,459       Love's Labour's Lost      Comedy
21,291       Merchant of Venice      Comedy
21,157       Much Ado about Nothing      Comedy
21,055       Taming of the Shrew      Comedy
20,772       King John      History
20,743       Titus Andronicus      Tragedy
19,837       Twelfth Night      Comedy
19,703       Julius Caesar      Tragedy
18,529       Pericles      History
18,216       Timon of Athens      Tragedy
17,129       Two Gentlemen of Verona      Comedy
17,121       Macbeth      Tragedy
16,633       Tempest      Comedy
16,511       Midsummer Night's Dream      Comedy
14,701       Comedy of Errors      Comedy

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