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Thames Water & Similar disparity template letters.

Respondents page titles: NOTICE of ESTOPPEL subject to conditions stated below,  & REFRAIN CPR PD40A   2/2

Thames Water Disparity-letter Exhibits of exchanges.

Wed 14/Mar 18

F.A.O  Steve Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Rennet, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer.


Dear sir,

I have today received the attached copy document from your company.

This document Ex1 is the first of any at this address to the addressee and, being marked as ‘FURTHER’ pre-supposes a lengthy trail of antecedents of which I have not received or seen any whatsoever.

1. I ASK & require copies in full audit disclosure of the antecedents presupposed without which the claim has no credible foundation & falls within the offence of Harassment & Fraud.

2. It is not signed by any person, and it gives 7 days for action (‘within the next’) without a from date, a most extended & inaccurate dependency, and as such I shall take it as meaning 7 days from 2025, 7 years hence.

1. I ASK & require full disclosure of the human agent’s identity who entered that name with that address, with the date & source of the pre-suppositions therein grounds yet again without substantiation.

2. ALSO the names of the agents, thereafter authorising its despatch. In short your witness, for whom these acts are carried out within your authority. They are required within CPR 22,  PD 3.6 & 3.10 at the very least when you carry out your ‘UNLESS’ condition for each person in the traversal involving your head of legal department, yourself & any debt collector you care to assign this alleged unsubstantiated ‘debt’ without any evidence at all.

You have 7 days, from the date of receipt of this letter, of today’s date, to reply without which I shall take it as admitted within CPR 16.5 (5), that your conduct & those within your employ,  your company uses the veil of generic abstractions to conceal the true individual identities of the authors who I expect to attend court when the time requires that they make their statement of truth.

Indeed all letters from your company are now treated within pre-action protocol, and shall be taken as unsworn or undeclared within the Perjury act 1911 1A, retrospectively as Sworn for TRUTH, when the hearing is set down & transferred to my local court in Central London.

Any reply that fails to state it is within your full authority shall be taken as evasion in pre-action protocol for which your company has declared its tacit consent, merely by replying or ignoring this Notice of 1- Estoppal, 2- Commencement of the Offence of Harassment, 3- Unsubstantiated claim delivered to my address, 4- totally without foundation, all pre-supposed by the mere use of the literal indicative FACT-mood without a single fact-referent.

This is the first reply of several that shall follow for which I charge £50 per letter, and £100 for generalised non-specific replies that are without accompanying substantiation.

Any unsubstantiated claim after this Notice shall be charged £100 per letter by myself in determination of the facts on which such a claim relies & taken as admitted within CPR 16.5 (5) by failure to deal with this reply in the manner expected in such legal notices.

I shall from the moment of continuation rather than disclosure, publish all these exchanges.

Yours with the utmost courtesy, respect & THANKS.

Mr. A. Surname.

Here was their automatic reply. - Keywords: will thoroughly investigate your case,

& the thorough investigation is copied below with substituted references & 1st highlights.

Thames Water Customer Relations Customer Service PO Box 492 Swindon SN38 8TU

Telephone:  0800 009 3805 Fax:  01793 424291 Email: Customer.Feedback@thameswater.co.uk

15 March 2018

Our Ref: 33346310

38 Blue Peter Road

Dear Mr Parson

I’m writing in response to an email received today addressed to our Chief Executive Steve Robertson. As a member of the Executive office, Steve has asked me to respond on his behalf. I’m sorry you’ve had to take the time to contact us and for the continuous reminders you’ve been receiving.

I’ve reviewed your account 20371-15265 and can see that as a final read wasn’t taken when you closed your account on 28 December 2017, we closed the account on an estimated read. However I’d like to advise you that I’ve cancelled the bill of £90.29 and recalculated it based on your previous Average Daily Use (ADU) making the new closing balance £8.86 in credit which I’ve also cancelled. The account now has a zero balance outstanding.

Please accept our apologies for the stress this may have caused, and rest assured you won’t be receiving any further contact from us other than your final bill showing the account having a zero balance which you should receive in 10 working days.

In the meantime should you need to contact me please email or call me on 0800 009 3805. Our offices are open between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. If I am unavailable when you call then you can either leave a message for me or one of my colleagues will be pleased to assist.

Yours sincerely

Maria Horgan

Senior Case Manager – Executive Office

To view the Thames Water quality promise leaflet, please go to http://www.thameswater.co.uk/qualitypromise

Visit us online www.thameswater.co.uk , follow us on twitter www.twitter.com/thameswater or find us on www.facebook.com/thameswater. We’re happy to help you 24/7.

Thames Water Limited (company number 2366623) and Thames Water Utilities Limited (company number 2366661) are companies registered in England and Wales, both are registered at Clearwater Court, Vastern Road, Reading, Berkshire RG1 8DB. This email is confidential and is intended only for the use of the person it was sent to. Any views or opinions in this email are those of the author and don’t necessarily represent those of Thames Water Limited or its subsidiaries. If you aren’t the intended recipient of this email, please don’t copy, use, forward or disclose its contents to any other person – please destroy and delete the message and any attachments from your system.

 F.A.O  Steve Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Rennet, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer.


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the prompt reply from a member of staff.

The letter sustains two comments controverted by my declaration of / & the facts. The obvious ones are highlighted in yellow.

1. ...the continuous reminders you’ve been receiving.  Is controverted by statement of truth on line 11. ...FURTHER’ pre-supposes a lengthy trail of antecedents of which  I have not received or seen any whatsoever. AND

1. The fact that the bill was raised on an estimation stated as made in December 2017, is far too short a period of time to receive continuous reminders.

2. when you closed your account on 28 December 2017…  

1. Neither I nor Mrs. P.. did any such thing on 28th Dec, [If you do what you say, you would prove the 1st & KNOW the 2nd is fiction]

2. FOR SIMPLE REASONS YOU are & shall remain unaware of, subject to my penultimate paragraph, and

3. one simple fact of many more, indicates that any consumption by Mrs. Parson was an  impossibility.

I can dilate more on this, and your two letters indicate a typical spread of disparate predication, the result of team work where one thinker fails to fully communicate to the other team members the simple facts.

t your cancellation of the alleged debt, as your present letter confirms to me it would have been fraudulent if pursued.

As I stated in my letter, … rather than disclosure, publish all these exchanges. I shall place elements of this exchange on my free legal website, unless you reimburse me for a total waste of time yesterday for which I shall accept £50, to me, for my agreement that all shall be subject to non-disclosure upon consent & compensation. Whereupon I shall be happy to disclose the impossibilities aforementioned.

I do assure you a court hearing would have cost you considerably more, on past experience between £1500 & £5000.

 Yours with the utmost courtesy & respect.

 Mr. A. Parson

more to follow

 Hello and thank you for your email.  14 Mar at 10.52 PM

 One of our senior case managers will thoroughly investigate your case and will be in contact with you shortly.

            If you have an emergency, like sewer flooding or if you have no water, please call our 24 hour customer service team on  0800 316 9800 who will be able to help you straight away.

 Kind regards,

Thames Water

P1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9