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Thames Water & Similar disparity template letters.

Respondents page titles: NOTICE of ESTOPPEL subject to conditions stated below,  & REFRAIN CPR PD40A   2/2

Thames Water Disparity-letter Exhibits of exchanges.


Thames Water Customer Relations Customer Service PO Box 492 Swindon SN38 8TU

Telephone:  0800 009 3805 Fax:  01793 424291 Email: Customer.Feedback@thameswater.co.uk

23 March 2018

Our Ref: 33346310

38 Blue Peter Road,

Dear Mr Parson

I’m writing in response to your email, received on 15 March 2018 addressed to our Chief Executive Officer Steve Robertson. I’m sorry if my previous email caused any confusion; please allow me to explain.

To confirm, the reason your account was closed on an estimate is because we weren’t aware you’d moved out of the property until a third party called to activate their account at 38 Blue Peter Road. We rely on our customers to advise us when they’re moving and to provide us with their final read or request for us to go out and take a read so that we can provide an accurate final bill. We sent you a final bill on 22 January 2018 and as we hadn’t received payment we sent a reminder on 20 February 2018, and again on 9 March 2018. This was the correspondence I was referring to.

I’d like to apologise as I’d made an error when I amended your bill and advised there was only a balance of £8.86 outstanding, which I cleared. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken into account that a new bill would generate overnight, totalling £48.18. Although this amount is what would’ve have been due, as a gesture of goodwill I’ve applied a credit for this amount to your account, to clear the balance. This is in lieu of the £50.00 gesture you requested.

Please ignore any bills showing this amount outstanding. I’ve arranged for a new bill to be sent to you showing a zero balance which you should receive in 10 days.

Due to the amount of credit we’ve applied to your account, I’m not in a position to provide any further gestures.

Whilst I appreciate this may not be the response you’re looking for, I trust this helps explain our position. In view of this, we are unable to write to you again about this. Your next steps should you remain dissatisfied would be to approach the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) as detailed in our Quality Promise leaflet in the below link. I’m sorry I’m unable to help you further with this matter.

Yours sincerely

Maria Horgan

Senior Case Manager – Executive Office

4 Comments:  See what Shakespeare had to say for this behaviour here…

  1. Your very own self-contradiction – 15th you closed your account - a third party called–  23rdwe weren’t aware you’d moved
  2. References (apply WORDS to an entity ) are not THE alleged FACTS, the facts are referents.  DISCLOSE??    
  3. I’d like to apologise… tells your audience what you WOULD LIKE TO do, but DO NOT do. To apologise is tense less.
  4. you should receive in 10 days. AS at May 21st, after over 30 days of word-games, not received, consistent with NO reference in any text published. PROOF that the phrase’I’ve arranged ..’ was ONLY a fact-mood PERLOCUTION, No action-effect,
  5. One presumes falsely that further gestures the words mean compensation, where ALL deeds so far, are the opposites & antonyms of meaning.

2. Apr. 2018                     REF: Wed 14/Mar 18

F.A.O  Steve Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Rennet, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer.


Dear sir,

Further to my letter of the above REF:

I record the results of exchanges, as expected, that you failed to disclose within your statutory obligations & legal duties of care, items 1, 2, 2.1,2.2 and page 2/2 line 2.

Instead of doing what I requested, you replied with classic ignoratio elenchi – using some common & general forms of response carefully missing every specific point of contention – combined with spurious  - in lieu  [ instead of] – of compensation, being an unashamed so-called cancellation of an unsubstantiated, estimated, unsigned & dishonest claim; wrapped in a well-known classification  that reminds me how:

dissembling courtesy! … can tickle where she wounds’  failing in its attempted concealment & self-exculpation in your redirect & breach of a Quality Promise...with ellipsis of the adverse adjective. Just a few of your paragraphs are more than needed for a Masters on dissimulation.

By satisfying only yourselves that your imagined verbal resolution – substituted for statutory obligations by inaction - might be sufficient, you failed to restore the balance required of any self esteem in restitutio in integrum.  

This letter concludes the matter of your tacit consent & all being taken as admitted P1, Ln. 32,  as anticipated on page 2, line 8.          I conclude with your text:

In view of this, we are unable to write to you again about this. etcetera

Presumably. the first this refers to something on your table, & the second this a want of ideas.

Conclusion: you may be proud of your disparities while reconciling your Quality Promiseconduct breaches, with a few referents that demonstrate you knew little or nothing of the subject matter to which your supply-confabulations – thoroughly investigate your case – referred as an antonym.

Your addressee is deceased. Following hospital treatment early in 2014 she spent increasing periods of time at the homes of her children, during which the supply address was unoccupied. This was followed by a long permanent stay in a care home.  Your reference address was sold in 2016. You can confirm that with Land Registry. Now you may determine some of the impossibilities of your confabulations, & the foreseeable result of your antonymous –  Quality Promise. Two missing adjectives: NO & BROKEN

Yours faithfully with thanks, for no more junk mail, please.

Signed to match your letter exhibit 1

P1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9